The Portuguese tech team-based agency you were waiting for!

As your business grows, (y)our tech team should grow with you!

WE ARE META, a change in form, that goes from one stage to the next, an EVOLUTION, GROWTHSCALE, a METAMORPHOSE for (y)our team!

In the gaming world, ‘META’ is an abbreviation of Most Effective Tactic Available - A mutable concept that can change over time, as new tactics are explored, wherever the rules change, or new resources are available.

We Are Meta can be the Most Effective Tactic Available for your business! We add value in all parts of the business, minimize the risks and improve your competitive position with team automation! Providing businesses with access to the best tech talent pool available with a human 2 human approach process.

It can be difficult to source the right IT talent, and recruiting and manage new talents takes just way too much time and resources. Outsourcing can be the answer!

Empower your IT team with our experience!

In a World of Unicorns, Be a Rhino

Human 2 Human Approach

No Waffle

Take Good Care of (Y)our People

Quality Delivered


Provide a Cool and Fun Environment


Get disruptive or get disrupted!

Today’s tech recruitment challenges are unique and complex. Businesses need bespoke solutions that are fully flexible!

We have a team of specialized consultants, who are ready to ensure the success of our clients’ projects by using the best technology.
Working as an extension to your team, in addition to minimizing the risks and improving your position in the tech market, we also create value with our wide industry experience and networks.
Designed to optimise and enhance your existing recruitment strategy, We are Meta allows you to pick exactly what you need, when you need it. 

Re-design your recruitment methodology to support transition!

We’re Daring, Adventurous and Bold

Become a Rhino! Charge Down

We use audacity to reach (y)our goals. Charge your way to success with META. We’re working to build something meaningful and lasting.

We work as an extension to your team, we like to be happy, healthy and inspired. We treat each other well, and care for our clients and our employees, because they all matter.

We are straight to the point! Changing work programmes or projects doesn’t need to create problems. We are Meta can charge down your big goals and opportunities. And how do they charge? Fast and with purpose!

We know your time is precious and so is ours, as such we are fully committed to providing you with honest feedback and expectations that match the reality. Full transparency!

Make your life an exciting adventure. Rhinos understand that you need to love what you do to be successful. There is no better way to love the work that you do than by involving those that you love in your work!

Live. Smile. Laugh. Dream. Do. Create. Have fun. Be intense. Be audacious. Act impeccably. Be you. Be different.

We do not promise the world, only what is realistic!

To achieve Rhinoceros' levels of success you must be prepared for it. We are Meta provides the training needed to level-up your business and career.

Rhinos have goals! Once they have a plan in place they charge down everything.
We will make sure that all teams uphold the best development practices. Crafting the best product/service attracts the best engineers and in turn, provides you with a product that will be rock solid and with lower maintenance costs over the project lifecycle.

We've done this before!

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