Data Engineer

Full time, Porto, Remote, Portugal

Python, Spark, Apache Airflow, Redshift, Spectrum, Hadoop, Kafka, Kinesis

Are you a Data Engineer? Become a Rhino join the #crash


We are META, more than a company a TEAM that will shake your idea about tech recruitment. Based in Évora but acting mainly in a remote way, we work with national and international partners in several areas with offices across the country.


We are a disruptive company always ‘charging down’ for big opportunities for the best professionals, through a Human 2 Human approach, we are straight to the point, always focus on transparency, making sure the well-being of our Rhinos and their professional development.


META provides you:

  • A welcome kit 🎒
  • Career progression 📈
  • Health insurance 💙
  • Annual budget for training 📚
  • Netflix and Spotify accounts 📺 🎧
  • Coverflex 💰
  • Protocols and special discounts 🤑


We are looking for a Rhino that will…

  • Help to unlock the full potential of vast amounts of real-time and relational data;
  • Provide the business with insight;
  • Delight the customers with a world-class personalized experience;
  • Partner with other data and software engineering teams building an online applications, and analysts who make the data mean something;
  • Help to build automated tools that will organize, model, and present data as a coherent product and offer it to stakeholders, providing a common information framework that allows to intelligently react to what is happening on the field and in the marketplace.



The perfect Rhino will have…

  • Experience as a Python & Spark Engineers of all skill levels or experienced engineers from other disciplines who may be looking to make the move to a big data environment;
  • Passion for building highly scalable and available systems used by other Data and Software Engineers, capable of efficiently running hundreds of data pipelines at the same;
  • Experimenting with new technologies, solving problems in the most efficient way;
  • An inclusive culture that expects excellence and priorities your growth as an engineer and your well-being as a person.



And will be skilled in…

  • Python;
  • Building, running, and maintaining enterprise production platforms
  • Data security and privacy (e.g. GDPR, CPP);
  • Data governance and data testing frameworks (e.g., Alation, Great Expectations);
  • Continuous integration and delivery of production data products;
  • Orchestrating data workflows with Apache Airflow;
  • Processing large workloads using distributed data systems such as Redshift, Athena, Spectrum, Spark, Hadoop, and Trino;
  • Processing real-time streaming workloads with distributed event systems such as Kafka and Kinesis;
  • Designing and maintaining production systems leveraging your knowledge and experience based on different business use cases, trade-offs, performance, and limitations;
  • Implementing data lake, warehouse, and lake house architectures leveraging your knowledge of data archiving and retrieval solutions and their relationship to access vs. cost.



Join the crash! In a world of unicorns be a Rhino 📩

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